MCL Market was opened! The MCL Market site, which works as a letgo-style advertisement site and brings together buyers and sellers who want to experience shopping with cryptocurrencies, has been opened at! MCL Market was opened! Now you can earn while you are selling and buying. If you are seller, you will get rewards from staking pool of MCL Market. When selling with credit...
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Marmara Blockchain Started The first Decentralized (DeFi) system designed to run in real economy started the life with the launch of the mainnet.. Marmara Blockchain Has Started… The Marmara Credit Loops project, of which preparations have been carried out for more than two years, started its life with the opening of the “Marmara Chain” Main Blockchain on the night of January 17, 2020. Post-dated Checks...
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MCL Market was opened!
October 18, 2020By
Marmara Blockchain Started
January 17, 2020By

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